Turn What You Have
Into What You Need.

Cybersecurity’s problem isn’t a lack of tools. It’s that the industry is over-investing
in complex and unwieldy solutions. empow recognizes that ongoing failure.
To overcome it, we are up-ending conventional solutions by turning your existing tools
into an abstracted language and layer – that responds to the unique nature of every attack – understanding intention, making instant correlations.

Michail Bletsas of MIT’s Media Lab
and Avi Chesla of empow discuss
cybersecurity on Bloomberg radio

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Be our guest at RSA! North Expo # 3117

empow will be introducing “The SIEM That Gives SIEM a Good Name” at the upcoming RSA show, and we'd like to give a free ticket ($150 value) to the exhibit hall.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth and afternoon happy hours!

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empow Named a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor

Gartner recognized empow as a 2017 Cool Vendor in Monitoring and Management of Threats to Applications and Data

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Why IoT security is now a government issue

What role can – and should – government play to protect all of us from the dangers of cyber attacks via IoT products? Avi Chesla outlines a plan in this TechTarget article:

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Maximize the power of your cyber security - with the empow and Lastline joint solution

Watch this webinar to learn how empow and Lastline cam maximize your incident response

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Iko Azoulay taking the stage at Cybertech

Check out empow Co-Founder and VP R&D Iko Azoulay taking the stage at the Cybertech Israel’s Startup Competition

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Where is the first CTO turned CEO?

Are we in a new era where CTOs should have a path to top-dog status?

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AI toys: The new insider threat

Today’s hottest gifts are pretty much all smart, connected devices, like Cozmo, Zoomer Kitty or Smart Toy Bear. And while they may seem cute, entertaining and sometimes furry, they are actually about as innocent as a hacker sitting in a lab in North Korea.
How can you protect against AI toys?

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empow Partners with Lastline to Accelerate Malware Detection and Response – To Fight Latest Threats

empow’s patented intent-aware “mind-reading” platform automates malware detection and response to create next-generation security organizations.

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Leveraging AI To Maximize Cybersecurity ROI

How AI can create an ecosystem that treats siloed security tools as one defensive system.

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Four Disruptive 'Cyber Trends' At RSA

empow’s unique approach listed among RSA 2017’s four disruptive cyber trends.

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empow honored as Editor’s Choice winner

empow honored as Editor’s Choice winner in the 5th Annual 2017 Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards in Security Abstraction Solutions Category

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Meet empow

Break Your Full System
Into Security Particles™.
Send the Right Troops Into Battle at the Right time.

Different attacks require different tools. That’s a truth no provider wants to admit. That’s why empow de-constructs your existing security tools into their individual components. Our understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each means that when we identify an event, we correlate intent with the best available response capability – and instantly re-assemble and deploy an entirely new security apparatus. One of our clients was spending over $15MM on more than 700 solutions.
They over-complicated themselves into inefficiency until empow stepped in.

Make Your Security Posture As Nimble As the Attacks That Threaten It

Security organizations are static. Their heavy, inflexible security infrastructure approaches every attack in the same way. But when empow masterminds your system, you never have the same defense posture twice. Today’s multi-stage attacks make our approach even more essential. Changing just a few components’ integration flows – based on our security language – means you can respond to new threats in seconds.

Our Security Language
Is Fluent In All Attacks

Once we translate your tools into our language, the results are equally applicable to ransomware, financial data leaks, personal data leak campaigns, intelligence gathering, insider threat campaigns, and more.

Won’t Keep You Ahead

Attackers are throwing more and more at you, every day.
The answer isn’t just to write bigger checks or hire more people.
The answer is to get more and more out of the investments you’ve already made.
Don’t duplicate. Activate.

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