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empow honored as Editor’s Choice winner in the 5th Annual 2017 Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards in Security Abstraction Solutions Category

TEL AVIV, Israel – February 13th, 2017 – empow, a cybersecurity startup with a revolutionary approach for elevating enterprise security, announced today that Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine and media partner of the RSA® Conference 2017, has named empow the winner of the Editor’s Choice Award in the Security Abstraction Solutions category.

After many months of review, an esteemed panel of leading independent information security experts has selected empow as a winner for its innovative security platform.

“We’re thrilled to recognize next-generation innovation in the information security marketplace and that’s why empow has earned this award from Cyber Defense Magazine.  Some of the best INFOSEC defenses come from these kinds of forward thinking players who think outside of the box,” said Pierluigi Paganini, Editor-in-Chief, Cyber Defense Magazine.

empow’s Security Abstraction Platform breaks down an organization’s existing security tools into abstracted primary components called “Security Particles™.” Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, empow’s platform defines the security role of each particle and uses one common language to allow all the primary components to communicate clearly. This enables the empow platform to instantly deploy a new, unique response for each and every security event no matter how advanced in order to mitigate them in real-time, with unmatched speed and intelligence. In short, empow is like a cyber general coordinating your security army, sending the right troops into battle at the right time.

“We are honored to have empow’s security platform recognized by Cyber Defense Magazine. This award further validates our company as a leading innovator in enterprise security, with a truly unique approach that turns what you already have into what you need,” said empow Founder and CEO Avi Chesla. “This prestigious honor only affirms that our Security Platform, is ahead of the curve in enabling enterprises to combat cyber-attacks quickly and effectively, without investing in more and more security solutions and devices.”

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About empow

empow is a cybersecurity startup founded in October 2014 in Tel Aviv with the motto: “Rather than spend more, deploy smarter.” empow’s platform turns what organizations have into what they need by integrating with their existing security infrastructure and creating the optimal security solution which detects, investigates and mitigates the most advanced attack campaigns. empow breaks down existing security tools into “Security Particles™” to create an abstracted smart layer that sits above current security configurations and which can be reassembled to deploy a new, targeted security apparatus for each individual attack, in real time. This gives any organization the ability to respond faster and smarter, with better coordination and more insight. In this way, empow makes more of what organizations already have. For more information, please visit us at



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