Make More of What You Already Have

empow’s security platform radically upends traditional approaches by integrating with your existing network infrastructure and breaking down your security tools to their individual components – what we call “security particles™.” This creates an abstracted new layer that sits above your existing security configuration, and turns what you have into what you need.

When empow identifies an event, a new, targeted security apparatus is instantly reassembled and deployed for each individual attack, in real time. This means quicker and smarter responses, with better correlation and insight. And the innovation is equally applicable to all flavors of attack campaigns.

It Works for


Financial data-leak

Privileges escalation

Insider threat

Intelligence gathering

Personal data-leak

The Power of empow

Gives you the confidence of knowing your security organization
is responding in the right way, every single time.

Provides proactive real-time mitigation of advanced attack campaigns.

Automates detection and root-cause investigation of advanced attack campaigns.

Offers insight into which tools are performing at the highest level, and which aren’t doing their jobs.

Unlocks the untapped power of your existing security apparatus, while saving on SOC and security engineering headcount.

The Process Behind the Promise

empow’s solution breaks down your security tools into particles, and then creates cross-product solutions specific to each ongoing threat identified by the platform. This is made possible by empow’s proprietary AI technologies, which are strategically integrated into the following four processes:

1. Abstraction

The SecurityOS breaks down your security tools into particles.

2. Orchestration

Creates a cross-product protection model.

3. Analysis

When the risk-chain analytics module identifies an event, a new, targeted security apparatus is instantly reassembled.

4. Mitigation

Creates proactive mitigation policies to break the attack’s chains.

The Architecture


Northbound APIs


Risk-chain Discovery

Security Applications

Security Os

Security Services

  • IDS service
  • NBA service
  • Anti Malware service
  • Reputation service
  • Mitigation service


Network Plugins

Security Products & Services

Security OS
breaking down security tools into particles

To abstract security functions and create a security language, empow’s Security OS employs a set of classification algorithms that use machine learning technology. These create a taxonomy of the security capabilities of each product, based on a predefined set of logical security functions. Then the Security OS ranks and rates the applicability of each of these capabilities, dynamically deciding which critical function should be executed by which product.
This process runs continuously, automatically classifying new or modified security capabilities with zero human involvement.

Security Applications
“many solutions, one tongue”

Each of our security applications represents a smart orchestration model that protects against a sequence of advanced attack campaigns. Each app includes security decision workflows and correlation rules that strategically assemble different security particles, integrating the most targeted and effective capabilities, no matter where they reside in the network.

The combination of abstraction and security application layers provides optimum adaptability in activating the underlying network of security products, without breaking the security application logic.

Risk-chain Discovery

The risk-chain discovery layer, an adaptive security analytics engine, identifies threats by processing security events generated by the security applications. Risk-chains formulate these threats by identifying the cause-and-effect relationships between the collection of events, grouping them together and creating a visual risk-chain pattern. This engine emulates human security expert decision processes, decides in real-time which investigation policies are required, and, according to its internal risk assessment capabilities, decides which proactive mitigation policies to employ. Both types of policies are dynamically executed in the network by the security application layer.

Northbound APIs

Our extensive API interface provides third party devices
with a simple and effective integration path.
It is designed to be seamlessly integrated into external portals
and our customers’ proprietary orchestration systems.

Plugins Layer

A range of plugins for third-party networking and security vendors are included, such as intrusion detection systems (IDS), anti-malware, network behavior analysis, firewalls, reputation services and many others. If needed, new plugins specific to the customer’s needs can be developed by empow’s Professional Services team within a number of days.

Security Apps

Our security platform has predefined security applications,
all of which are customizable.

Financial data leak

Insider threat


Privilege escalation

Spear phishing

Intelligence gathering


empow recognizes that your team’s skills are an essential
component of your overall security.

That’s why our platform is built to leverage your skills and requirements to create new security applications. Your security experts can easily build apps using a guided UI process where they select the security service and security functions, as well as workflows that will integrate detection, investigation and mitigation behaviors. Once built by your team, these apps become part of the tool-set that empow abstracts and orchestrates.

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